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Team Foster will help you lead with your heart, manage with your head and reach out to your employees with a hands-on approach.

The Head

The Head

We offer a wide range of learning sessions carefully crafted to improve employee management and to cultivate team unity.

The Hands

The Hands

Team Foster utilizes unique programs to provide value for employers and employees alike.

The Heart

The Heart

Team Foster's motto, "Compliance with Compassion," spills over from our work to your business.

"Good People Management is GREAT Business"

-Firms of Endearment


Meet LeeAnn

Team Foster, led by Head Coach LeeAnn Foster, is re-invigorating business teams around the country. We specialize in relationship management, conflict resolution and employee engagement.


About LeeAnn

  • 30 Years of Experience
  • 0 Employment Lawsuits
  • Only 3 EEOC Claims
  • 1,000's of Engaged Employees

Before founding Team Foster HR Strategy, LeeAnn served as the Executive Vice President for WS Packaging. She helped serve over 2,200 employees and over 20 different locations. Prior to joining WS Packaging, LeeAnn helped lead Edfinancial Services from a start-up to a national corporation that employed over 450 team members.

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  • I am always impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of LeeAnn's processes. In addition to her vast experience in human capital fields, she is a wonderful person to work with.
    — Nick Natale - President | Pro View Systems
  • LeeAnn insures that employee feels valued and stays focused on the essential goals of the firm. Her approach is a breath of fresh air.
    — Kent Vaughn - Co-Founder | Blaze Learning Solutions
  • LeeAnn's values-based programs help companies create work environments which enrich the lives of employees and the customers they serve. She's truly a burst of positive energy.
    — Brady Teter - Director | Injoy Global
  • Team Foster has provided invaluable expertise, as well as encouragement, in taking steps toward a healthier and more sustainable staff culture.
    — Anna Lee - Executive Pastor | Cokesbury UMC
  • One of LeeAnn’s many talents is her unique ability to relate to all people, and handle the most difficult of issues in an empathic fair-minded manner.
    — Margaret Radke - President | Think&learn LLC

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